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Lunch Keynote: Main Street 2.0

Mar 13: 11:45-1:00

Location: Four Square Ballroom

Lunch Keynote: Main Street 2.0

Let’s reimagine what is possible by creating a Main Street 2.0 that combines the best of what we had with Main Street relationship banking over 100 years ago with the benefits of Wall Street’s technology and risk products. What if we could invest with our mission and values, leveraging all of our resources from philanthropic to investment capital? What if access to capital was available to every nonprofit, small business, startup, cooperative, or fund? This session will share a vision of consumer and business solutions (from an alternative payday lending solution, 0% student loan, nonprofit grant advance program, impact cash flow management, community public equity, community note, direct investing model, and guarantee model).


Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Founder and CEO, Impact Finance Center, CO Impact Days and Impact Investing Institute

Brendan Martin, Founder and President, The Working World

Marie Peters, Lead Main Street Officer, Colorado Lending Source

Wendy Turman, Chief Financial Officer, MCE Social Capital

Brin Enterkin, Executive Director, Watson Institute

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