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Sports & Impact Investing

Location: Hopscotch

Mar 14: 9:00-11:30

As one of the most powerful vehicles on the planet, sport remains an untapped sector to facilitate positive impact throughout all sectors of the world using capital. This session will explore a historical perspective, various potential opportunities, a financial overview, and case study. Attendees will interact with experts in the sports field in this casual, dynamic session. Sports provides a positive, globally-accepted vehicle in a massive industry that spans across all demographics and regions of the world. The impact muscle that sports holds is only starting to be recognized. Sport as a vehicle for good has primarily existed in the non-profit sector only. Using a for-profit model introduces a sustainable revenue flow that will allow for greater levels of global impact through sport.



Craig Jonas Founder and CEO, CoPeace

Shellie Pfohl, Former President and CEO of the US Center for SafeSport

Dave Newport, Green Sports Partners, LLC