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Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Mar 12: 9:00-11:30

Location: Marco Polo

Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Join Akasha Absher, Christine Sanwald, Dr. Stephanie Gripne, and a panel of exciting social ventures that include Chef Ann Foundation, Bondadosa, Art Restart, and Bayaud Enterprises, to learn about impact investing and nonprofits. Impact investing offers an opportunity for nonprofits to increase revenues, reduce expenses, and improve effectiveness in a time when the need is becoming greater, and resources are becoming less available. The following session will walk through Impact Investing 101 for Nonprofits, which covers innovative financing to finance mortgages, lines of credit, refinance mortgages, make assets (such as making a building more energy efficient), launch a social enterprise, social impact bonds, or a pay as you save strategy. We will also introduce a new framework of innovation around development, operations, and financial innovation using Chef Ann Foundation as a framework. Then we will workshop the other  specific nonprofits.

9:45: Break with coffee and light snacks


Akasha Absher, Chief Consulting Officer, Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

Christine Sanwald, Impact Finance Center & CO Impact Days

Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Founder and CEO, Impact Finance Center & CO Impact Days

Mara Fleishman, Executive Director, Chef Ann Foundation

Teresa Densmore, Director of Art Restart

Scott Kerr, Director of Business Development, Bayaud Enterprises

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