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Place-Based Impact Investing Part 1

Mar 12: 9:00-11:30

Location: Hopscotch

Place-Based Impact Investing Part 1

Several metro areas and regions in the U.S. are developing collaborative impact investing initiatives, even impact investing ecosystems. This two-part session is a collaboratory for those areas – and others interested in the ideas – to build connections, share information and tools, and solve peer challenges. We’ll dive into local models for collaborative work, how they’ve attracted and retained stakeholders, keys for success, peer problem-solving, and more. The session’s facilitators bring deep experience in community philanthropy, community development and collaboration, impact investing and new economy work, and group learning.

9:45: Break with coffee and light snacks


Tony Macklin, Philanthropic Consultant, Senior Advisor for Impact Finance Center

Cindy Willard, Founder, Full Potential Philanthropy, Senior Advisor for Impact Finance Center

Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Founder and CEO, Impact Finance Center & CO Impact Days

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