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Program Related Investments & Mission Related Investments

Mar 12: 1:15 - 2:45

Location: Duck Duck Goose

Program Related Investments & Mission Related Investments

According to one study, $4.4 billion has been placed through 5,000 program-related investments in the past 20 years. Foundation assets are reported to be close to $900 billion, with donor advised funds adding another $110 billion, adding up to more than $1 trillion. Foundations have the unique opportunity to leverage two types of capital in the impact investment space - the 95% endowment and the 5% spending requirement , to further their mission. We will tackle some common questions in this session:

  1. What is a program-related investment (PRI)?

  2. How is it different from a Mission-Related Investment (MRI)?

  3. How do we know if an investment qualifies to be a PRI?

  4. How should program and investment staff collaborate?

  5. How should DAFs think about these tools?

  6. Any burning questions you would like to ask.

2:45: Break with coffee and light snacks


Jennifer Kenning,CEO and Co-Founder, Align Impact

Chintan Panchal (Moderator), Founder RPCK