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Impact Investing in Conservation + Climate

Mar 14: 9:00-11:30

Location: Marco Polo

Impact Investing in Conservation + Climate

Part 1 - Impact Investing In Conservation Along the Full Capital Spectrum

Part 2 - Creating Full System Climate Solutions, Starting with Local Carbon Offset Markets

We face an array of daunting environmental challenges from local to global scales. Making investments that really deliver the conservation and environmental impact we seek is challenging. We will start this session with an array of conservation investment opportunities that range along the full capital spectrum from philanthropic through market returns. Then we will delve into the defining question of our day - How can we build the whole system solutions required to address climate change? We will address that question at the largest scale before bringing it down to the ground with a very specific initial opportunity to create a local boutique carbon offset market as the seed of global whole system climate solutions.


Carl Palmer, Founder at LegacyWorks Group

Reggie Hall, Director of Conservation Loans Program at The Conservation Fund

David Hofstatter, Co-Founder of TangleLab, serial entrepreneur and investor

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