Volunteer Registration

March 11-14, 2019
The Curtis Hotel & Commons on Champa

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering for CO Impact Days 2019! This registration page is where you can sign-up for volunteer shift selections. As with any event, volunteers truly are the most integral piece. We view you as ambassadors to IFC. As ambassadors, please ensure that you are well-versed in CO Impact Days 2019 and our organization, Impact Finance Center, as a whole. Please visit www.coimpactdays.org and www.impactfinancecenter.org for information.

Volunteer Instructions

  1. Apply: To sign up for a shift, please submit volunteer application below. Please note, we will do our best to honor all preferences and will prioritize above all preferences. We may email you in case we have volunteer needs in other areas that are not filled or due to any time adjustments.

  2. Receive Volunteer Shift Confirmation: Once you apply to be a volunteer, you will receive an email from Nicole Brajevich at nicole.brajevich@impactfinancecenter.org confirming your volunteer slots.

  3. Volunteer Onboarding: Attend Volunteer Onboarding Webinar - dates TBD

Additional Details

  • Dress is business casual. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, especially the Curtis Room Managers and the Curtis/Ellie Directional as you will be standing for longer periods of time.

  • At the Curtis we will have a Volunteer Check-in. This room is on the 3rd floor and is labeled Meeting Planner Room. The room is located just off the elevators and to the left of the restrooms. At check-in you will receive a volunteer badge. Please wear badges during the duration of your shift.

  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided to volunteers based upon when your shift is. Meals will be provided in the Meeting Planner Room. Meals will only stay out 1.5 hours so please plan accordingly. We will have snacks and water available in between meals for volunteers.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

General Assistance

  • Set up badges: alpha order, attach lanyards

  • Set up signage

  • Set up registration desk w/ programs, etc.


  • Set up registration desk

  • Check-in attendees: Provide name badges and handouts; Check in on app

  • Answer attendee questions

  • WELL-VERSED IN IFC: Ability to communicate IFC mission/goals to attendees. This is being viewed as IFC's "table top" display as well.


  • Assist with moving attendees from one location to another

  • Answer questions about where sessions are located (Map with schedule, room names, and general/mobile app info provided on-site)*

  • Assist in placing signage

  • Misc. tasks

Room Managers

  • Facilitate Room Logistics: make sure AV is working properly; greet speaker; assist with timekeeping for the session

  • Answer general FAQs from attendees

  • Head count each session, only attendees


  • greet speakers, investors or social ventures

  • Greet social ventures as they arrive to set up THEIR booth, speakers as they show-up to sessions and vip investors; Check-in on app, show them to their location,

  • for social ventures, have them drop off their posters/materials and answer questions

  • for social ventures, Assist with poster locations/marketplace questions

  • for social venture marketplace, Microsoft tablets and enable stage exchange site for social venture voting

  • for social venture marketplace, IFC ambassadors: general FAQs and assist with social venture voting

CO Impact Days Volunteer Registration

To attend the conference all volunteers must complete a minimum of two 3 hour volunteer shifts (Ticket value is $595). If selected to be a volunteer you must also register on the website. To select multiple options, please hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click your selected options.